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Jose Maria Aboga was born in Valencia in 1975 and started his career as a DJ playing small venues in and around his home town in the 90s. He has many influences including Funk, Disco, Soul, House and Garage. In 1996, invited by English promotors Moving Shadow and Two Faced Promotions, he became one of the resident DJs along with James Fitch at one of the first clubs to play house in Valencia.

Shortly afterwards Jose Maria became the DJ on the Heineken Music Tour 2001, and played at some of the most important clubs in the country including Kapital (Madrid), Pacha (Ibiza), Discoteque (Barcelona) and Space (Ibiza). During this tour he was joined at the turntables by DJs from around the world and apart from his touring he kept up his residencies at the most influential clubs on the Valencian scene like 69 Monos, Puzzle and Barraca (alongside his friend Danny Fiddo).

In 2003 Jose Maria started to work on his career as a producer, remixing other artists and producing his own material for labels such Time Has Changed, Loudeast Records, Novo Music, Timbee and TPG Records. As well as this, you can also come across collaborations with Danny Fiddo in Fumakilla, Bass Culture and Monique Music.

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