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8th Anniversary

After 96 month, 94 events, more than 100 guest DJ´s and a huge volume of good music we have reached our 8th Anniversary!

We are not the first and we won’t be the last, but we have brought many nights of good music to this beautiful island.

We have been very lucky to experience and take part in the best moments of the Balearic clubbing and party history and we are still fighting and adapting to new times, hard times!

But we never forget what’s really important and what we really care about...


It´s time to celebrate and for that reason we have put together a spectacular line up. The best resident DJ´s Mallorca has to offer supported by two guest DJ´s which are a real luxury to have!

They have recently joined the Party Cartel "Crew Love" at Sonar 2014 with Wolf & Lamb, Tanner Ross and many other greats. Now they are joining us    "LIFE ON PLANETS"    from Baltimore / USA!!!

The location for this event had to be special, so we decided to go to the Akoya Night Club. A spectacular Mallorcan style finca which has been restored and made into a night club with two floors, perfect to celebrate deep house, indie dance, tech house and we might get serious and hit some techno. 

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