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Luvless at Garito Café
With his stripped-down emotional love for music and kind soul, Leipzig-bound beatsmith and all round top geezer Luvless has been steadily cementing his reputation as one of contemporary house music’s finest.
Luvless is known for his work with Rose Records – a label he started with four other friends back in 2011 – and a smattering of appearances on several other labels. slamming down dusty disco edits as well as athomspheric house belters. Since 2017 he’s been focussing on his new project Velours Records. a vinyl outlet for different avenues of the Luvless sound and guest appearances by friends.
His music has been described as sweet, gentle even, but banging at the same time. It sometimes pays homage to the old Kerry days with extra magic dust sprinkled on top.
Also our good friends Isaac Indart and Guri will join him. Don't miss it!
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