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SU012 - Good Karma EP

SU012 - Wiki, OnePlus & Gaol - The Good Karma EP

“The Good Karma” is the third reference launched for Sub_Urban by our Italian friends Wiki & OnePlus, this time with another great Sub_Urban artist’s collaboration such as Gaol.

With this new 3 tracks EP, these kids show us the maturity of their sound and the darkest side in their productions. Synthetic sound, deep and always with a good bassline padding and fully covered with melodic arpeggios. The perfect fusion to hit the play button and feel like in an emblematic Berlin club.

Boulevard is the introductory track in this EP. Thus, it starts with a gorgeous intro followed by their classical but darker piano close to a powerful and overwhelming bass, all perfectly complemented. Maybe, we have just discovered their clubbiest track up until now.

Purple. A welcoming and warm piano melody accompanied by their particular groove that allows us to say that it brings us Moby’s reminiscences. Tracks aimed at your soul both good for a dancefloor or for a cold relaxed evening.

Sometimes. A percussion and a snare groove indisputably owned by Gaol, an exactly matched but also melancholic and a powerful, brave and robotic voice set the cherry on top of the EP. As we said earlier, 100% danceable.

Cat No: SU012
Artist: Wiki, Oneplus & Gaol 
Title: Good Karma EP
Label: Sub_Urban 
Release Date: 28th October 2015


Early support from:

Oliver Schories -  Nice one. Thx.

Jonny Cruz - cool music here.

Sasse -  Nice one, thanks!

Nick Warren -  liking this a lot, very cool

Robert Owens - Nice tracks.

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