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SU016 - Cosmic Dubs LP

Fresh off a spring tour which saw them rocking festivals and clubs throughout the Middle East and Europe, Life On Planets is back with a third album they're calling "strictly for DJs." Cosmic Dubs are a new collection of heads-down club tracks from the pair's repertoire, part of a concept that's just as enigmatic as the artists themselves. The package consists of 8 instrumental tracks taken from the duo's live performance, but you'll have to catch them in-person to hear the vocal versions, some of which may never be released. It's a dj-friendly LP boasting some of the most energetic tracks we've seen from Life On Planets, filled with the memorable rhythms and melodies that have captivated audiences from Egypt to Romania, Japan, and beyond.

The LP starts off with "Delilah" - a driving house track with piano stabs and a moody bass that's propelled by a monster synth hook. The second track titled "Got Me Thinking" combines a Chicago house groove with more melodic, Balearic influences for an outing inspired by a Mediterranean love affair. Up next is the "Fata Dub" track, a new version of the Fata Morgana original released last year. This one is possibly the most unique of the release, with a delicate arpeggiator and mysterious synths that lead up to the vocal sample of Phill's memorable lyrics 'Her wicked lips call out to me.' It's followed by the alternate "Fata Club" version, which trades in the former's moody elements for a banging club beat and infectious bassline, making it the most danceable of the release. On "Where the Seekers Roam" we see things become more disco oriented for a moment, with sultry chords and some funky percussion designed to set a slow burning mood. Alaska picks up the pace once again on a deep and techy affair that is destined to fill the dancefloor, followed by the Showers Dub, a collaboration with Phonogenic that has darker, almost progressive overtones. The last track "Chance Encounters" takes things way down to 105bpm, with heavy low end and a minimal groove that was featured with live vocals on Life On Planet's radio show for Sky FM in Constanta. Throughout the release we see the diversity and range that has made LOP one of the most talked about groups in electronic music today.

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Release date: 13/06/2016

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