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SU017 - Black Hole Remixes EP

The talented duo of Guri and Eider released the Black Hole single last year, earning the position of one of the most successful tracks of the Sub_Urban discography, and now the label is releasing new remixes of the track for 2016. The first of which features Carlos Sanchez's deep tech re-invention, with dubby influences and chopped up vocal samples, the remix adds a welcomed energy to the track that will be played in the clubs all summer. On the Round Shaped Triangles version, an amazing bassline takes the center of the stage, with a vocal loop of the hook, backed by some filtered synth stabs and a series of special effects. A powerful high hat makes it's entrance halfway through, with funky guitars and shuffled snare fills being valuable players in the act as well. If we thought the original couldn't be topped we might have been proven wrong by this new group's remix, which incidentally adds a third member to the duo of Guri & Eider (the brother of Guri named Pedro.) For good measure, the original is also included, not losing any quality over the last year, making the package a must have for any fans of deep house.

Release date: 4/7/16 (Exclusive traxsource)

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