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SU034 - A Sore Subject EP

On the back of a busy year, of release after release from re:Vibe to Frigo Vide, to remixes for prominent house icons like Dermakus Lewis, Igor Gonya stops by Sub_Urban again to continue a good streak of great releases. 

A bouncy & spirited track, ‘A Sore Subject’ the lead track is. Guarding a good line of deep house elements and the dance floor energy. The maestro Sebas Ramis & Jay Son Son link up to lend a serene remix. Lifting off of percussions, blending them with adoring chords and bright keys.

The founder of Lisztomania Records has always been at the forefront of pushing the underground deep house. ‘Look Inside Yourself’ is a tasteful, heavy guitar riffs reliant, drenched with so much soul. With mushy kicks, ‘My Dead Rabbit’ is an easy groove. What stands out is the seamless & sentimental melody, knitting the whole track.

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