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SU038 - Again EP

Berlin based Thomas Pudell & London’s Matt Prehn join musical forces to serve a delish ‘Again’ EP.
The, in your face thumping kicks, drive the track with fullness, offering a solid backbone for the talented Tahir Jones’s raw vocals in 'Again'. The immense skill & experience between Prehn & Pudell from throughout the years, stands out, with the layering of the vox & the structuring of the track.
Sebas Ramis, stamps his mark with a refreshing approach on remix business. With more reference to the underground, the maestro adds a vibrant horn play & a funky drum roll.
The Austrian duo of Jakobin & Domino bring in lovely dance floor vibrations, with their remix for ‘Again’ to round off the EP. Discerning with warm effect play on Tahir’s vocals, & a backdrop of lovely birdy melodies. Another superb release in the bag for the Balearic label.
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